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Grutas Tolantongo Adventure

Away We Go!

Hot Springs

This past week I was so fortunate to have my Partner come out for a visit in Mexico City with me! It was his birthday, so I made some plans for a short, three-hour getaway to Las Grutas Tolantongo. To say the view was awe inspiring is an understatement.

As the travel van climbed down, winding around huge Mountains, tucked in between this hybrid climate is natural, hot mineral water that comes from within the mountain and flows into gorgeous man-made, hot spring pools that cling to the side of one of the mountains. We took the early trip leaving the city at 4:30 am CST, and it was so worth it. We were able to beat the crowds and pick our own private pool to relax in as we looked out over the side of the mountain to either the desertous or jungle landscape depending on the direction you were facing. This was such a romantic and beautiful experience to share with my Love, and I will forever be eternally grateful.

This was not even the best part of the trip in my opinion. After about an hour relaxing in the hot and refreshing waters we left to get breakfast with the tour group and then headed off to the river and waterfall.

"This was such a romantic and beautiful experience to share with my Love, and I will forever be eternally grateful."

Waterfall / Cave

Once our bellies were full of delicious chilaquiles, we did a short hike to the waterfall. The views were stunning as the climate opened up to a more tropical view and brilliant aqua blue, mineral water spilled out and down the rock walls and vines into the river below. I almost missed this great experience because the day was quite chillier than expected and I was hesitant to get wet again then have to walk in the cool air. Unlike the Arizona climate, in Mexico, you will not dry off after 10 minutes in the sun. I am so incredibly thankful I changed my mind.

Diving under the waterfall was a bit icy, but once inside the hot spring water warmed up your soul and an even more invigorating adventure awaited me. Back, behind the waterfall there were giant stalactites and stalagmites grew from all angles and hot water poured in from above. Our guide, led us even further into a cave were we were able to swim and stand under more waterfalls of warm, steamy water. On the way out of the cave the waterfall current pushes you out into the larger waterfall area like a water park ride. I had to be brave once more when the guide suggested an underwater cave dive. I was worried about being caught and unable to breath or stuck in a small space, but the views were perfect and the water was even warmer once under. I felt like a kid: giddy, risk-taker, free. This was an experience I will never forget and will definitely do again.

If you think you would like to take this trip and also enjoy camping, there is a campsite located next to the river and waterfall. I recommend looking into this. I would also like to thank Airbnb Experiences and our guides: Jorge, Javier, and Eduardo! I have linked the experience here in case you are in Mexico City and want an adventure of a life-time!

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