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Pattern Play

This week we experiment with pattern design!

The Caramel option in the Folklore Magic Pattern Collection. Collection available for purchase on SpoonFlower, linked below.
Folklore Magic - Caramel

Why Patterns?

I am the person to wander through department stores like: Target, World Market, Crate and Barrel, JoyBird, and Urban Outfitters; and wonder how did these lovely textiles come to be? Who makes them? How do they get chosen to be a part of a piece of clothing, furniture, accessory? I did some research and verdict is in! There is this crazy, wonderful role called Pattern Design and the designs these designers create are bought by companies to incorporate into product lines.

This of course brought me down a rabbit hole, wondering about creative processes and industry standards. I watched an interview series where artists explained how they created patterns, where their inspiration came from, and how they sold their work. I, of course, was FASCINATED!

Lately I have been in a bit of an art slump, nothing new. As all artists experience ebbs and flows in their creativity, motivation, and inspiration. When I get into these moods, I find it most helpful to try a new medium of art. With a new medium, I do not have any set process or expectations for my creativity and I allow myself to just let my mind and hand wander. This is very meditative to me and reignites my passion for my craft. So how did I create my recent set of patterns?

Tip #1 - Select a color pallet

I often create my pallets based on things I see at home, on the internet, or find in out in the wild. These things could be clothing, accessories, plants, buildings, artwork from other artists in which I really enjoyed how the colors made me feel. This week I took inspiration from a floral face mask I had.

I then create color swatched; trying to match the colors on my iPad, in Procreate as close as possible to the original object or photo. When I am ready to create, I go back to save color swatches and used the pallet to paint something new.

Tip #2 - Turn on some vibey music

Now you are ready to create something magical! I find a vibey playlist I enjoy on Apple Music or Spotify. I turn it on to set the tone and let my mind relax and the vibes take me over.

"In 2017, researchers found the effects that different types of music have on creativity. This showed that happy music with high emotions increases creativity. Specifically, it increases the number of ideas. The key is the music needs to have a strong emotional impact and a catchy beat." – The Garage Group

For the Apple Playlist I have been using lately click here. Its called VITAL to elev8 u too by Adam Spencer.

Tip #3 - Let loose

Let the music overtake you. Don't think about the outcome, what it looks like, who's going to see it. Instead just let your mind and hand go where they want to. It doesn't matter if its a physical drawing or painting or a digital canvas. Explore and have fun!

Overthinking can be a killer of creativity

Don't let overthinking, comparison, and insecurity be the killer of your joy. So often in life we are conditioned to being "The Best" and "Giving 110%", perfectionism diminishes creativity and fun. Just think of this exercise as play, and remember that no one needs to see it, this is just for you. If you get some gems out of this exercise, maybe try uploading to Spoonflower. On this site you can sell your designs to be used for fabric and wall paper designs. If you would like to use some of my designs for an upcoming project, my SpoonFlower account is linked here. Please feel free to contact me for collaborations on projects through my Contact page. Until next week Friends! 👋

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